About My Time Artistry



...A lifetime in the making.

Renaissance is defined as a new focus on a subject.

 For Beverly, it is her love of painting.

A Wisconsin native, I am the third oldest of ten children. Christmas was always an exciting time for the family, decorating the tree and baking goodies. Every Christmas, everyone would get a box of Crayons and a coloring book. As each child got older, the bigger the box of Crayons. The ultimate was to receive the box with the metallic colors and built in sharpener. I recall coloring for many hours, learning to blend the different colors for an artistic look and continued developing my artistic skills through home renovations and interior designs.

In 2003, I purchased my first original painting at an art fair in Appleton, Wisconsin...

“I remember that day quite vividly as I proudly hung that piece in my living room and saying to myself that one day I was going to become an artist and paint as colorful and artfully as my skills would take me.” 

After a long career in the corporate world, I have shifted my focus to my artwork. Although I have worked in various mediums, it is watercolors that have captured my heart. “I am so drawn to seeing my subject matter transforming through this wet medium.”  I can’t wait to start my day with a paint brush in my hand. It literally feels like a gravitational pull for me to paint.”

Now living in Florida, my art studio is flooded with the natural sunlight from the sunny days that the Florida weather is known for.

I couldn’t be happier with this phase, this renaissance, of my life. After all, it has been a lifetime in the making.
— Beverly Estes